Cherry Crk Payweight C232 M

C232 gained national attention as the $16,000 top-selling bull of the 2017 Cherry Creek Bull Sale to Mike Dyer and family, Crawford, NE.  He set new levels of performance at Cherry Creek with individual performance of BW 75 lbs, BWR 97, WW 694 lbs, WWR 102, YW 1166, and YWR 112.  After impressive Genomic results were returned, C232 earned EPD values in the top 2% for WW, YW, and CW with a $W value in the top 1% and $B value in the top 10%.  His dam has over $30,000 in progeny sales on three natural born sons, while his grandam is a second-generation Pathfinder dam that has produced three Pathfinder daughters.

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