Progress through Performance!

Selling 180 Fall and Yearling Bulls
Thank you for visiting our webpage! Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch is a fourth generation farm and ranch operation. We primarily raise registered Angus cattle, but we do run twenty registered Red Angus, twenty registered and commercial Charolais, and we have just started raising a few Sim/Angus. We have 450 fall calving cows as well as 100 spring calving cows. The majority of the cows are A.I. bred. We also have a donor cow program, and we normally transplant about 50 embryos every year. We hold an annual bull sale the second Thursday in February. This year we celebrate our 47th annual 'Progress through Performance' production sale. For the past five years we have PAP tested the bulls. This year we summered all of our weaned fall bulls at 8,175 feet at Grizzly Ranch near Walden, Co where we had Dr. Tim Holt PAP test them. We really put the bulls to the test by putting them in the hardest place to PAP test. We couldn't be any happier with the results. Although we are fairly new to testing bulls at elevation, we are learning more about our cow herd, and the feedback we have gotten from cattlemen that have purchased our PAP tested bulls has been very positive. The bulls have handled themselves incredibly well at altitude. Our bulls are fed a balanced, growing ration from our home-grown roughages. The ration is a combination of alfalfa hay, oat hay, corn silage, haylage, earlage, and beet pulp. They are on an all-natural mineral program, never being injected or fed Rumensin. Our calves are fed grass alfalfa hay without ever being on creep feed and the bulls are never supplemented with creep feed. Our pregnant cows graze on short summer grass in the summer before calving. We believe the bulls offered in this year’s sale will provide you with the most important genetic traits that your breeding program demands. These bulls are thick, sound, and easy to handle. Many of them rank in the top percentiles in the breed for multiple traits. This year we also ran the i50k Performance DNA test on all the bulls to increase the accuracy of their EPD's as if they had already sired their first calf crop. Please feel free to call, text, or email us with any questions. We appreciate your consideration and hope to see you in person on sale day or online with DVAuction!